Standing out as a Photographer

Standing out as a Photographer

In any class you take about improving or starting your photography business, they always say that if you want to make it, you have to do something to stand out.  Because, let’s face it, photographers are everywhere!  It feels like you’re standing in a sea of fellow bike riders just trying to get past the starting line.  So the advice is true.  And everyone goes about their “standing out” in different ways.  Some create some amazing art with location, lighting and a whole lot of Photoshop.  Others plan an experience with a nice cozy studio to make clients feel comfortable, excited and ultimately ready to spend a lot of money.

I’ve taken a little different approach.  My hope is that by being more about the client, I can bring in more business which will make me more successful.  It also should have my clients, at the end of the day, incredibly happy with their experience.  So I guess that begs the question, what do I mean, being more about the client?

I want to be flexible.  See, most photographers are very inflexible.  They are very to the point.  If it doesn’t work, then they try to suggest alternatives for you and they move on.  They see photography as a luxury that not everyone can have.  But why?  Isn’t one person’s family just as important as the next?  I think so.  That’s why I try to be different.

I want to be affordable.  Yes, photography is expensive.  Our equipment is expensive.  Classes are expensive.  Insurance is expensive.  And it takes us many more hours beyond the photo shoot to get to a completed product.  The average cost of wedding photography in the Portland/Vancouver area is $3,000.  But my goal is to provide that $3,000 experience, for less than that.  Not only that, but I see print prices being so expensive.  I chose not to go that route. I want you to have professional prints, so I keep the prices fair so it doesn’t break the bank to purchase a couple larger prints.

I want your memories to be yours.  There are many schools of thought with image sales.  Some require you to purchase digital files separate.  Others will only allow you to have digital images of prints that you have purchased, still others will not provide digital images at all.  And in most of those cases, only edited images will be provided.  I can see this for portrait photography.  But for weddings, they’re all memories.  Just because it isn’t the best photo of the bunch, doesn’t mean it won’t bring back a special moment from that day.  So all of my packages allow for ALL of the digital images to be provided.  Some do require a small print purchase.  The only reason for that, is I want you to actually have something to put on your wall!  In today’s technology driven lifestyle, so many people call it good with a photo on Facebook, or as your computer background.  But you paid good money for those photos, you should be able to show them off in your home.

So that is how I try to be about the client.  How I want to stand out.  How I want to be remembered by my clients.  Since I’m just in my infancy of marketing to grow my business, only time will tell if it’s a solid plan.  Here’s to hoping!

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