You Let Who Take Your Photos?

You Let Who Take Your Photos?

All too often I hear or see people mentioning photography as, “just taking a photo” or “clicking a button.”  Then there is, “my friend has a camera, I’ll just have them take my photos.”  Oh my, I hear that one a lot.  It usually comes right after someone is struggling with cost.  The unfortunate reality is that not everyone with a nice camera is a photographer.  And, good photography isn’t cheap.  I’d like to explain just a couple reasons why the prices myself (or even other photographers) charge are reasonable, or inexpensive even!

So much time and money going into being a photographer.  It feels like a money pit sometimes.  But man do I love doing it.

First, equipment is expensive.  Really expensive.  From a computer capable of running whichever flavor of photo editing software a particular photographer chooses, and running it efficiently. Then there are backup storage systems, software, cameras (and more cameras), lenses (and more lenses), accessories like flashes, stands, and lighting.  The list keeps going and so do the dollar signs!

Then there is education.  Whether it be education to better yourself as a businessperson or a photographer, you never stop learning.  This can be hands on shoots with instructors, online, on your own by trial and error.  There are so many ways to learn now, it is amazing!  But again, it costs money up front, or it costs by time away from shooting for pay or away from family, etc.  Education is expensive as well.  But it is so worth it in the long run.

You also have to get into other cost of running a business from items like business cards and flyers to website development and marketing.  If you want to be out there and people to see you, this all costs a considerable amount as well.  If I don’t have clients, I can’t take care of the equipment and education.

All of these together go to fine tune my craft as a photographer.

A photographer is an artist and a business person.  As an artist, you want to hire me because, as I have mentioned, I have already spent the money on the education, proper equipment and have the experience.   My style, that you have seen on my website, appeals to you.  It is what you would like to see on your wall from your wedding or your family portrait or of your senior.  As a business person, I have to be able to cover my cost of business as well as make something for my time.  If a photographer doesn’t make any money for their time, they don’t stay a professional photographer long.

While a really inexpensive photographer may appeal to the budget conscious, or anyone looking to save a few bucks really.  It isn’t always in your best interest.  Because in order to charge the small amount they do, they will be missing something that I have mentioned above.  In the end, you may have a portrait that at first glance you enjoy.  But, chance are, it won’t be as artistic as you would like or it won’t be as timeless as you would have hoped or it won’t be as high of quality as you would expect from a professional.

Think of photography as an investment.  A quality piece of art that you are proud to show on the wall of your home.  It will get you thinking a little differently.  You wouldn’t trust the car that cost less because the manufacturer cut some corners to save money would you?

So, let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you all in the comments!

Thank you!

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