Monthly:March 2019

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You Let Who Take Your Photos?

You Let Who Take Your Photos? March 14, 2019 All too often I hear or see people mentioning photography as, “just taking a photo” or “clicking a button.”  Then there is, “my friend has a camera, I’ll just have them take my photos.”  Oh my, I hear that one a lot.  It usually comes right after someone is struggling with cost.  The unfortunate reality is that not everyone with a nice camera is a photographer.  And, good photography isn’t cheap. […]

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Wedding at Empress Estates

Standing out as a Photographer

The headline of Alphabet Village and the subline March 13, 2019 In any class you take about improving or starting your photography business, they always say that if you want to make it, you have to do something to stand out.  Because, let’s face it, photographers are everywhere!  It feels like you’re standing in a sea of fellow bike riders just trying to get past the starting line.  So the advice is true.  And everyone goes about their “standing out” […]

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